Complete contents of the package:

At Sorong:

Prior to your travel to Raja Ampat, it is strongly recommended you spend 1 night  in Sorong to recover one's breath.

(please note that this hotel is not included in the package)

 - Pickup from the Airport

- Welcome by your Sorong guide (dutch/english speaking).

- Porter Service, either to your hotel or  to a restaurant to have your breakfast,

 - At the restaurant or hotel:

- Handing over the travel documents:

1. PIN  (the officially required admittance fee to the Raja Ampat province). The PIN   is priced at  500,000 Rp. for foreign tourists and will  be obtained for you at the   lobby of the Meridien Hotel opposite the airport.

 2. Tickets for the public ferry to Waisai (fast or slow boat)

- Transfer to the ferry.

- Porter service at ferry port

- Accompaniment to the ferry

From Waisai (R.A.) to your Guesthouse:

● Welcome by your Waisai guide.

● Porter Service

● Transfer to boat and boattrip (by prau) to your guesthouse. Depending on your choice of guesthouse you will reach your guesthouse in approx. 1.5 hrs.

● At your guesthouse:

   Welcome by your host.The stay in the guesthouse for 6 days/5 nights

● 3 meals/day (24h coffee and tea)

● The chosen daytrips (excl. diving trips) Discuss your activities with the guest    house owner. A prau is at your disposal. There are many possebilities: snorkling    trips at many locations, for instance manta point. Or birdwatch like the bird of    paradise. Or trips to the mangroves, or look for the duyong.

 From guesthouse  back to Waisai (R.A) :

  Depending on your choice of guesthouse you will reach Waisai in approx. 1.5   hrs.

 In Waisai (R.A):

● Porter Service

● Transfer to ferry port

● Handover of ferry tickets

● Accompaniment to the ferry to Sorong

 In Sorong:

● Pickup from ferry port

● Transfer to airport

● Accompaniment to check-in (domestic airport tax Rp 20'000 at this moment)


The price of this package is Rp 6 million,  including everything named as above.

(Which is about 473 USD. , or 420 euro , on feb.2015)


ING bank no. 2645640

Mr Guus Lapre

Merwedestraat no. 8

2987 CJ Ridderkerk

Name of the chosen Guesthouse/Homestay must be indicated.


On request following trips can be organized (for additional fee, please contact Mr Makusi for further information)

● Wayag tour

● Diving trips can easily be organised. You will join a diving group of a    neighbouring diving centre. Price around 400.000 Rp per day. ( to Arborek,    manta point, turtle point, or see the blacktipped sharks in the mangroves,    sardines, the Wall,  etc.),

● Kabui Bay Passage

● Kali Raja ( the historical ancestral place for the people of Raja Ampat )

● Mayalibit Bay

● Sonek mundai (secluded island with coral reef)

● Deep sea fishing locations

● Mansuar –the floating sands (beautiful stretches of white sand between dazzling


or others

When you travel, you have to organise a lot. When, where, how, and expenses have all to be considered. The further from home the more difficult this gets ,it seems. It may end  up in a time consuming, inefficient holiday, where many oppertunities are missed.

 The package deal is meant to take a lot of organisation and incertainties off your hands. From the perspective of the local homestay-owners the package is meant to pull you over the egde, and make this remote destination a realistic choice for your holidays. It is organised in such a way, that all will be taken care of ,from the moment you arrive at Sorong till the moment you return there.

In short the package contains:

● The price of the guides,

● The cost of taxi to the ferry v.v.

● The ticket of the ferry v.v.

● The PIN of 500.000 Rp (the officially required admittance fee to the Raja Ampat province).

● The stay in the guesthouse for 6 days/5 nights

● 3 meals/day (24h coffee and tea)

● The chosen daytrips (excl. diving trips)

The package deal

 Dinner is served!

 Your admittance badge: the PIN

 Boats like this will take you around

Your guides during this package are;

On the Sorong side:

Mr Guus Lapre ;

(English/Dutch/French/Indonesian speaking)

 HP +6285244760146

On the Raja Ampat side:

Mr Martin Luther Makusi

(English/Indonesian speaking),

Pulau Gam/Yenbeser HP +6282199824610

 The fast ferry from Sorong to Waisai.

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