Getting to Sorong

You have to get to Sorong on your own account. Remember Sorong is a real far away destination for most of you, except when you live in Australia. In most cases it will take several days to get there. There are no international flights to Sorong. We advise you to take your time, keeping in mind that flight schedules are not always watertight in Indonesia,  that you probably will have a jetlag, and have to adapt to the climate as well.

Booking you flight used to be a time consuming buisiness, but recently all that has changed. Thanks to the website you can now book all your local flights in Indonesia online. Payment by your credit card. We tested it, and it really works.

● If coming from outside of Indonesia you'll start your journey most probably in Jakarta, or Denpassar, Bali.

● Almost all flights to Sorong use  Makassar (Ujung Pandang) as a hub. (An exception is a direct flight from Jakarta to Sorong by Express Air and Garuda.)

 So you will have to wait here, of have a transfer. Unfortunatly, most flight to Sorong leave here in the middle of the night and arrive early in the morning .Flighttime Makassar-Sorong is approxematly  2 hours. Note that Makassar airport is not very well organised, so checking the officials that are calling out your destination, are the best option of really getting there.

Flight Services are offered by these airlines

● Sriwijaya Air

● Lion Air/Wings Air

● Merpati Air  (temporarily not functional)

● Express Air

● Garuda Indonesia.

Other itiniaries are direct flights from Manado to Sorong;

Silkair and Sriwijaya Air are offering direct flights from Singapore to Manado.

 Air Asia offers direct flights from from Kuala Lumpur to Makassar.

When you want to spend a night Sorong most people stay at the Meridien hotel, which is at a walking distance from the airport (really).(around 600.000 Rp)  An better option is  the Belagri hotel at a 10 minute drive from the airfield, very clean, and good restaurants and ATM (cash machines) nearby. (around 450.000Rp.)

 Fishmarket at Sorong

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